Colorado: Mandatory Storage Bill Sent to Senate Appropriations Committee
Friday, February 08, 2008
State Senator Sue Windels (D-19) has introduced Senate Bill 49, which requires mandatory storage of all firearms.  This legislation would force adults to put all their firearms under lock and key or face an undetermined misdemeanor if a firearm is later used in a suicide or crime.  This dangerous bill renders homeowners defenseless and gives criminals a clear advantage in home invasions.  If passed, SB49 would add to the already cumbersome bureaucracy that affects gun shops, gun shows, or anywhere else firearms are sold, by requiring them to post a sign informing gun-owners that they must lock up their guns.   

On Monday, February 4 the Senate Committee on State, Veterans & Military Affairs voted 3-2 to send SB49 to the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Please contact the members of the committee and respectfully urge them to defeat this dangerous legislation.

Senate Appropriations Committee

State Senator John Morse (D-11), Chairman

(303) 866-6364


State Senator Maryanne “Moe” Keller (D-20), Vice-Chairman

(303) 866-4856


State Senator Greg Brophy (R-1)

(303) 866-6360


State Senator Ted Harvey (R-30)

(303) 866-4881


State Senator Steve Johnson (R-15)

(303) 866-4853


State Senator Mike Kopp (R-22)

(303) 866-2638


State Senator Chris Romer (D-32)

(303) 866-4852


State Senator Abel Tapia (D-3)

(303) 866-4878


State Senator Jennifer Veiga (D-31)

(303) 866-4861


State Senator Sue Windels (D-19)

(303) 866-4840