Update on New Colorado Helmet Law

February 12, 2007

The helmet bill was on the agenda but they took too long on the Sudan bill and the new 'make my day' bill - it will be heard on the house floor tomorrow (2/13/07).  Amendments may still be added to the Helmet bill but they are still under wraps.  I did get on the floor and did talk to several representatives trying to get support to get this bill killed.  Posted 4:00PM 2/12/07 by Tiger Chandler.  RFJ gives her Special Thanks.

February 9, 2007

Closing comments, amendments and final vote took place this morning February 9, 2007 at approximately 9:00AM

The helmet bill was the last on the docket.
The amendment that was made concerned who got the ticket for the under age passenger - the driver - was added and approved.
Rep Primavera pretty much said in her closing statement that this was not a issue of freedom but a issue of taking care of the children - she said in not so many words that the motorcyclist in Colorado should not be responsible for the well being of their children.
There were several on the committee who agreed with Rep Primavera.
Rep Don Marostica made the best argument against the bill, that he has been riding mc's for 20 and never seen a child hurt - that the motorcyclists are responsible and can take care of their children - that more children get brain injuries from falling than from motorcycles.
In the end the vote was not in our favor (we only got 5 votes against) - so they are sending this right to the floor of the house on Monday morning February 12, 2007.
There is work that we can do between now and then - CALL your representatives and urge them not to vote on this issue - if this does not die on the floor we will be in the senate transportation committee next .
Special Thanks to Tiger Chandler for this Report.