Colorado helmet bill update - YES on house floor
 February 27, 2007
The house just heard the helmet bill - I did not get a chance to be there but I assure you that it was colorful - the house did adopt the bill as it stands on second reading - the battle continues:
Everyone send email's to the following people:
Against the bill
* our champion --- Don Marostica (he even wore a helmet onto the floor, used it for demonstration, testified at every turn against this bill) - made two ammendments - to make this a secondary offense - votes down, to allow child not to wear helmet if parent had health ins - voted down
* Kevin Lundberg --- argued that the parent should have authority of child not state.
For the bill
*Primavera --- public safety, most motor-cyclist do not have health insurance, commend abate and most for training, protect the children.
* Levy --- if children are already wearing a helmet why not make a law, this is not about personal choice for adults - to protect the children.
*Green --- if mc has health ins that will not cover all costs of  a brain injury
*Gagliardi --- 236 accidents 187 were with no helmet
*Mc Fadyen --- this is only reasonable to protect the children
*Mc Gihon  --- 18 and under need help with protection - do not understand that they need a helmet for safety of vision
*majority leader Madden --- owns bikes, wears helmets, will vote no on primary seat belt, no on mandatory helmet for all - yes to protect children.

Again Special Thanks to Tiger Chandler