The NTSB (National Traffic Safety Board) has issued recommendations to the federal government as well as some states to address the rising crash numbers of motorcycles, these recommendations include Colorado "Amend current laws to require that all persons shall wear a Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218-compliant motorcycle helmet while riding (operating), or as a passenger on any motorcycle".
The NTSB has never been involved in motorcycle safety until now.  In 1975 NTSB ties with the DOT were dissolved, there fore they are NOT a part of DOT.  The NTSB has been responsible to investigate aviation crashes and surface transportation crashes (includes rail, pipeline and mass transit).  NTSB has investigated ONLY 6 motorcycle crashes or .15 motorcycle crashes a year over 40 years of their existence.  Normally when NTSB issues safety recommendations, they rely on field investigators, PhD researchers and professional staff to gather and analyze fact from fiction.  They issue safety recommendations for every tragic accident except motorcycles.  This time, the NTSB relied on the old, antiquated, already existing research on motorcycle safety.  We all know how updated this research is.  It is little or no help.
September 11, 2007 the NTSB admitted they came to these recommendations in a way outside of the normal operating procedures.  This should bother motorcyclists because of the lack of consideration and attention.  The MRF will be working daily to see that the NTSB recommendations on mandatory helmet laws do not become a reality.
The NTSB will be sending their hired gun lobbyists and professional staff to Colorado to lobby this effort.  Unlike NHTSA, the NTSB is not subject to a lobby ban.  So they can lobby for anything they wish while spending our taxpayer dollars.  These recommendations do not carry the weight of the law.  NTSB has no regulatory or enforcement capabilities.  For more info on the recommendations go to
What you can do:  Contact Governor Ritter's office, CDOT Safety and Traffic Engineering Branch representative and make them aware of this issue.
Let them know how the NTSB reached these recommendations with little or no
input from the motorcycling community.  Let them know Colorado doesn't need to take inaccurate advice from an agency in Washington DC.  This is another ploy to have regulation initiated on individual states.
Contact info:
Gov.  Bill Ritter
136 State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203 
(303) 866-2471
Constituent Services email
Colorado Department of Transportation
Safety and Traffic Engineering Branch Chief Engineer Pam Hutton

4201 East Arkansas Ave Rm 262, Denver CO 80222