May 15, 2006


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports the United States House of Representatives will hold a legislative hearing on HR 2048, the "Right to Repair Act". The hearing will be held by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection in the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2123 at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, May 17th 2006 and is open to the public.

This legislation is important to all motorcyclists who want the right to choose where to have their motorcycle repaired. HR 2048 would make the same computer diagnostic information, tools and training available to the owners of every type of vehicle including motorcycles that currently is only afforded to those under the dealership umbrella. The deliberate withholding of pertinent information compels independent repair facilities to turn business away forcing vehicle owners to return to the dealership when any kind of computer diagnostics is necessary.

The MRF believes every American has the right to choose who performs the diagnostics on their motorcycle or automobile. Furthermore, consumers should have the right to choose where, how and who will ultimately repair their vehicles and also have the right to do the necessary work themselves. Automakers should not be making service decisions for consumers.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation needs your help to move this legislation through the House committee. Please take a look at the list of Representatives currently sitting on the subcommittee. These members will be hearing HR 2048 on this Wednesday, May 17th and are NOT already supporting the bill. If your state is listed below, call your Representative's office as soon as you can. The key to the bill's success is hearing that their constituents at home support HR2048.

If your state is shown below, call your member of Congress and tell them the following:

1. Identify yourself as a resident of the state of __________
2. Let them know you are calling on behalf of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation
3. Tell them you support HR 2048, the motor vehicle "Right to Repair Act"
4. Ask them to co sponsor HR 2048
5. Tell them HR 2048 is being heard Wednesday, the 17th in the Energy and Commerce committee and you would like the congressperson to support it.

6. Ask them to vote for the bill
7. Let them know that this will be scored as a "key vote" by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.



The MRF list does not contain the telephone numbers of Colorado Representatives and since a lot of our members are from Colorado, the telephone numbers to call are as follows:

The original sponsor of the bill was Representative Joe Barton, (R-TX 6th)  Contact  him at:

Washington Office:                               Main District Office:             

2109 RHOB                                            6001 West 1-20, Ste. 200     

Washington, C.D. 20515-4306              Arlington, TX 76017

His telephone:  (202)225-2202

Website:            For the text of this bill go to:                                                                                           

District 1: 

The only Colorado co-sponsor of this bill (there are a total of 90) is Representative Diana L. DeGette (D-CO-1st).  She is on the Committee on Energy and Commerce and on the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection.  Contact her at:

Washington Office:                                           Main District Office:

1527 LHOB                                                         600 Grant St. Ste 202

Washington D.C.                                               Denver, CO 80203

Telephone:  (202)225-4431                                Telephone:  (303)844-4988


District 2:  Mark Udall:    Washington Phone:  (202)225-2161 Fax:  (303)650-7820

District 3:  John Salazar  Washington Phone:  (202)225-4422 or (202)226-9669 (Fax) (202)225-5870 (719)543-8200

District 4:  Marilyn Musgrave  Washington Phone:  (202)225-4676 Fax (970)225-4676

District 5:  Joel Hefley  Washington Phone:  (202)225-4422 or 225-1942 Fax (202)226-4623 or (719)520-0055

District 6:  Tom Tancredo Washington Phone (202)225-7882 Fax (720)283-9772

District 7:  Bob Beauprez  Washington Phone (202)225-2645 Fax (202)225-5278 (303)940-5821.

Thank you for your fast attention to this message.  It is in all our best interests to see this bill passed.