Colorado HB-1117 is all but a done deal.  It is now headed for the Governor's office.  Maybe he will have better sense, but I doubt it.  Thank you to those that have worked this so hard.  Keep our fingers crossed.

Thanks again to Tiger Chandler!


Get ready to buy a helmet for kids!

Colorado House Bill 1117 just passed second reading.
This means that it will get read again (third reading). 

Seemed as though they had a hard time counting since they stand for yes or no. No one gave testimony at this reading - which maybe they all knew it was a done deal with the democrats.

If everyone called and asked for a no vote there could be a slim chance that at third reading this could go our way but seems as though its going to pass.
Find out what your senator voted on this bill - if they voted yes call them on it (most likely they were democrats).
After third reading (which is just a formality usually) the bill will go to the governor who more than likely will sign it (he use to be a cop).
We put up a good fight but it could have been better!!

Thanks again for this update from Tiger Chandler.