Milwaukee, Wis. (October 15, 2001) - There continues to be confusion about the importation of Harley-Davidson/Buell motorcycles built to comply with the standards of a country other than the U.S. Therefore, we are providing our worldwide dealer and distributor networks with the requirements for vehicles manufactured to standards for countries other than the U.S., which are brought back to the U.S. for resale. Each vehicle imported must satisfy the requirements as set forth by U.S. Customs, the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Failure to comply can result in seizure and severe penalties, which could involve both criminal and civil proceedings. These requirements can only be met by importing through an authorized Registered Importer (RI) or Independent Commercial Importer (ICI).

How to Obtain Compliance:

Vehicles manufactured to meet U.S. specifications will have a label affixed by Harley-Davidson and Buell at the time of manufacture. Vehicles without the label are considered nonconforming at the time of import and are required to be modified to comply with Federal motor vehicle requirements. Only importers who are currently registered with DOT and EPA can complete the required modifications to HDI configured motorcycles. Any RI may perform modifications on Canadian vehicles. For a current list of certified and registered importers for motorcycles the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be contacted. This list is subject to change.

Information can be obtained as follows:

NHTSA 800-424-9393 EPA 202-564-9660 Per U.S. DOT, Canadian vehicles also MUST go through a Registered Importer (but not an ICI). Canadian motorcycles must have the speedometer replaced with a domestic (MPH) speedometer reflecting the actual and true mileage on the motorcycle. Costs to properly import vehicles can range from $1,500 up to approximately $5,000. The cost will vary by model, country of origin, and whether the vehicle is required to be certified by performing an emissions test. Fees required by the DOT and EPA are included in these costs as well as the parts and labor to convert the vehicle to meet U.S. standards.

How to Determine if Compliance Has Been Achieved:

Some of the components on Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles configured for international markets differ from components used on US configured vehicles. These parts include emission control components and items that are covered by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. To ensure that the appropriate modifications were made, you should ask your RI or ICI to document the parts that were replaced. Be advised replacement of these components does not assure compliance.

Customer Disclosure:

It is the selling dealers responsibility to clearly document and advise retail customers purchasing these imported vehicles that they are imported, not new, and that the OEM warranty is limited.

Not Eligible for Allocation

In addition, non-U.S. vehicles will not count for U.S. allocation purposes even if they are properly modified.

Requirements to Obtain Warranty

Vehicles that do not comply with the regulations set forth by the DOT, EPA and U.S. Customs are not eligible for warranty. Imported vehicles are not eligible for cosmetic warranty. A limited warranty may be obtained only on vehicles that conform to all regulations if submitted with proper documentation. Proper documentation shall include proof of compliance with U.S. Specifications and a copy of the vehicle bill of sale, which discloses: "This vehicle was manufactured as a non-USA configuration and has been modified to meet Federal Safety and Emissions Standards".

The following documentation must be sent to the attention of Sales Administration, Business Support for warranty considerations: -Warranty transfer application (in case of a dealer-to-dealer direct sale then submission of an SWR is required) -Bill of Sale with the above compliance disclosure -Application for final admission EPA Form 3520-B -Statement of conformity

When sold at retail, the remainder of the limited warranty will pass to the new owner [1 year minus the earlier of time it was first reported sold in the international market (if there is no reported sale date, the date will be considered to be the date the importer completed the conformance) or was titled to the dealer]. Please note, repairs, which may be necessary due to problems related to the conversion, will not be covered under the warranty, so be sure the Importer's Insurance coverage is valid.