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The Whitehouse (Obama/Biden)

The U.S. Senate

The U.S. House Of Representatives

The U.S. Judiciary

Clerk of the House Of Representatives

Write Your Representative

Contact your Senator

Thomas - Look up Federal Bills

The Library Of Congress Search Page

Government Printing Office - kill a tree!

The Federal Registry

The Federal Judicial Center

Trim Big Government "Report Card"

Federal Web Site Locator

Government Resources On The Web

United States Code - The Law

Supreme Court

Colorado's Reps in Washington DC

Contact your Representative!

Representative Diana DeGette - District 1

Representative Mark Udall - District 2

Representative John Salazar- District 3 

Representative Marilyn Musgrave - District 4

Representative Joel Hefley - District 5

Representative Tom Tancredo - District 6

Senator Wayne Allard

Senator Kenneth Salazar


Contact your Representative!

Gateway to State and Local government

Colorado Republican Senators

Colorado Governor Bill Owens - (wants helmets on all bikers and firearms eliminated)

Colorado Courts

Colorado Division Of Insurance

Colorado government gateway

Colorado Motor Vehicle Division

Colorado Revised Statues - "The Law in Colorado"

Get rid of those pesky telemarketers


Colorado Statues Pertaining to Motorcycles


Are you planning a trip to Colorado and want to know if you can pack?  Anyone can carry a weapon in their vehicle either openly or concealed.  If you already have a concealed weapons permit, Colorado has reciprocity with some states..  All of Colorado's gun laws are listed here.  No city in Colorado can override our State gun laws, so you need not worry about commie cities like Denver busting you for having a gun in your saddlebag.

Legal Help:

Internet Law Library

Privacy Links:


Check on the privacy of your computer!

Ad-Aware - get rid of spyware on your computer

PGP encryption for e-mail - keep the feds out!!

What Does The Government Know About YOU??

Political Links:

American Guardian

Bill Klinton Proves He Was A Communist 

Counter-Clinton Library

Cato Institute - Finally some common sense!

Citizens For Better Government

Democratic National Committee

Fair Taxation

Libertarian Party

Republican Liberty Caucus

Republican National Committee

The Second Horseman of the Confederacy

Taxgate - Income tax law

Exposing Government Corruption:

Revolution Radio - Check this one often!

American Expose

American Guardian

America's Survival Inc

Bush - AWOL National Guard?

Government Information Awareness - get the dirt on politicians!

The Oklahoma City Bombing - Feds were involved

Rural Cleansing - How the eco-nuts are F'ingU

Uhuh - Exposing Corruption in government

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution of the United States

The Declaration of Independence

The Federalist Papers  (good reading on the founders intents and fears for our country)

Need Real News?

Accuracy In Media

All American Gold

America News Net

American Motorcycle Network

American Patriot Network

Banner Of Liberty

Britannica Encyclopedia - 1911 edition

City2 E-News

Colorado Freedom Report - local news

Doing Freedom

Eagles UP - Great page for current news!

Enter Stage Right


The Federal Observer

Free Republic

FrontPage Magazine

Guerrilla News

Info Wars

Lew Rockwell

The Libertarian Enterprise

Liberty For All

The Liberty Package - Info on tax avoidance

Loompanics - reading material the feds don't want you reading.

Michelle Malkin

Chuck Morse

New Dawn Magazine


Newspaper Links

The Onion - News with humor!

Paladin Press - Books you shouldn't read!

Prison Planet

Revolution Radio

Sierra Times

Southwest Scooter News

Strike The Root

Toogood Reports

WorldNet Daily

Biker Magazines

Outlaw Biker

Steel Horse

EasyRiders Magazine Group

The Horse - Backstreet Choppers

Hot Bike

Back Street Heros


Motorcycle.com (online mag)

Motorcycle Consumer News

Thunder Press

Virgina Wind

Motorcycle Parts:

Antique Parts: (the good stuff)

Allen Motorcycle Museum (no parts just pictures!)

National Motorcycle Museum

Wheels Through Time Museum

Antique Motorcycle Club Of America

Alabama Indian Restoration

Antique Cycle Supply Inc

Antique Motorcycle Saddle Restoration

Antique Motorcycle Works

45 Restoration Company

Baxter Cycle - Brit bikes and parts

Beauty Of Speed

Bill's Custom Cycles

Michael Breeding's Indian Parts

Classic Cycle Spares - Brit bikes and parts

Clone Cycle

Coker Tires

Colony Machine (OEM style hardware)

Conan's Classics

Fatdog Vintage Salvage

Flathead Power

Genuine Cycle

George's Antique Motorcycle Trader

Harbor Vintage Motor Company

Head Hog

Heilman Saddles

Hiatt Motocycle

Kiwi Indian Parts & Service

Mas Classics

NOS Parts

The Old Dude (Five star rating!!!)

Pierce Color-Write - premium paints for restoration

POR15 - Restoration paint/tank sealers

The Shop

Sotheby's Motorcycle Auction

Speedometer Shop

Victory Library (Side Valve)


Vintage Twin Publishing

Virtual Indian

VL Heaven

Walker Machine

David Wasserman (Collector items)

Way Back Wheels Inc

G.L. Yarocki Company ( Antique MC Literature)


Accurate Engineering

Andrews Products

Armory Cycles


Atlas Precision

Avon Tyres

Axtell Performance Products

Baker Drivetrain - 6 speed tranny

BC Gerolamy

Bel Ray Lubricants

Belt Drive LTD

BikerBar - Bike Transportation Holdown

Black Widow Cams

Buchanan's Spokes/Wheels

Canyon Run

Carl's Speed Shop

Centech Wiring

Champion Sidecars

Chrome Horse Products

Colorado Custom Wheels

Cometic Gasket

Competition Motorcycles Inc

Compu-Fire (Engine Electronics)

Continental Tires


Crane Motorcycle Products

Danny Gray Seats

Daytona Twin Tec LLC - programable ignition modules

Delkron Mfg

Denver's Choppers

Diamond Motorcycle Chain

DID Chain

Discount Biker - Discounted HD parts

Dunlop Tires

Dyna Performance Electronics

EBC Brakes

Feuling Motor Company

Flanders Co

Fournales Suspension



Head Quarters

Heli-Coil Information

High Performance Coatings

J&M Motorcycle Audio

James Gaskets

Jet Hot Coatings

Jims USA  -  Don't waste money, the best tools!!

Jireh Cycles

Joe Hunt Magnetos

K&N Powersports (air filters)

Karata Belt Drives

KB Performance Pistons

Kemco Oil - Real Tetra Ethyl Lead Gas Additive!


Legend Air Suspensions

Leineweber Cams


Liberty Sidecars

Dave Mackie Engineering

MC Advantages

Merch Performance

Metzeler Tires

Mikuni Carbs

Morris Magnetos

Motorvation Sidecars

Mustang (saddles)


Performance Coatings

Performance Machine

Pingle Enterprises

Primo Belt Drives

Progressive Suspension

Race Tech Motorcycle Suspensions

Redline Oil

Rifle - Windshields and fairings

Rivera Engineering

Roadhouse Choppers

Rogue Biker Parts

Rollin' Dice Mfg

Ross Racing Pistons

S&S Cycle

Sifton Cams

Sport Bike Shop

Sputhe Engineering


STD Development Corp

SuperTrapp Exhaust

Total Seal Piston Rings

Trust Me Racing

Tsubaki Chain

V Thunder

Vertex Magnetos

White Brothers

Wiseco Pistons

Wood Performance Carbs and Cams - Most HP!

Works Performance - Shocks

Zippers Performance

Zoom Cycle

Riding Gear:


Biker Decals

Biker's Den

Biker Jewelry

Bikers Outfitter

Boot Barn

Chopper Lifestyle

Classic Goggles

Classic Motorcycle Jackets

Exigent Bike Covers

Foxcreek Leather

Gerbings Heated Clothing

Gypsy Leathers - Finest leather for ladies

Heads Up Helmets (novelty head gear)

Iron Bags (Saddlebags)

Iron Braids

Jamin Leather

JMJ Customs - Biker T-Shirts

Langlitz Leathers

Lazy Rider Saddlebags

Lost Worlds Inc

Mr. B's Accessories

New Enough Motorcycle Leathers

S&S Cycle Supply (Leathers)

Sin Wear

Skull Screamer Helmets

SportRX - googles

Stone Lake Leather Works - Cold weather gear

Super Seer Corp.


Unkind Design

Vanson Leathers

West Coast Shoe (Custom Boots)

Widder Enterprises





American Motorcycle Association

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (National)  Riders For Justice is a supporter of the MRF.

Motorcyclists Against Dumb (Auto) Drivers

Motorcycle Action Group (United Kingdom)

FEMA (Europe)

State Motorcycle Safety Administrators

National Coalition Of Motorcyclists 

Abate Of Alaska

Abate Of Arizona

Abate Of Arkansas

Helmet Laws of the States

Massachusetts  California

Abate Of California

Colorado Motorcycle Trail Riders Association

Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition

Abate Of Colorado

Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association

Abate Of Delaware

Abate Of Florida

Abate Of Georgia

Abate Of North Idaho

Abate Of Idaho

Abate Of Illinois

Abate Of Indiana

Abate Of Iowa

Abate Of Kansas

Kentucky Motorcycle Association

Louisiana Motorcycle Rights Association

Abate Of Louisiana

United Bikers Of Maine

Abate Of Maryland

Abate Of Michigan

Abate Of Minnesota

Abate Of Mississippi

Freedom Of Road Riders (Missouri)

Abate Of Missouri

Abate Of Nebraska

New Hampshire Motorcycle Rights Organization

Abate Of New York

Concerned Bikers Association/Abate of North Carolina

NC Riders

North Carolina Dirt Riders

Abate/CMRO of Ohio

Abate Of Ohio

Abate of Oklahoma

Abate Of Oregon

Bike-PAC of Oregon

Abate Of Pennsylvania

Sons Of Liberty Riders Of Pennsylvania

Abate Of South Carolina

Abate Of South Dakota

Colorado Victory Riders Assoc

CMT/Abate Of Tennessee

Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association

Abate Of Utah

Virginia Coalition Of Motorcyclists

Washington Road Riders Association

Washington Riders Legislative Task Force

Abate Of Washington

Abate Of West Virginia

Abate Of Wisconson

Abate Of Wyoming

Motorcycle Organizations/Clubs:

Vulcan Riders Owners Club, Colorado

Bandidos MC

Christian Motorcyclist Association

Hells Angels MC Denver

Iron Horsemen MC of Colorado

Laramie Harley Owners Group

Military Veterans MC

Sons Of Silence MC

UMF of Colorado


Colorado Embroidery Works

Freedom Fighter Links:

US Border Watch

American Veterans In Domestic Defense

The Colorado Freedom Report

Constitution Society

Fast Fred's Motorcycle Rights E-Zine

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Free Conservatives

Gospel Plow

Helmets r'Nt Us   (Lots of good info here!)

In Your Face

Lawyers out the ass

Lonebiker aka Cowboy

Preventing Helmet Disasters

Robert Teesdale

Tread Not MC

US Freedom Fighter

The Enemy:

Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety


Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

Earth First - Hates Bikers!  You must read how they plan to kill/maim dirt bikers!!

Motorcycle Rider/Mechanic Training:

Colorado Motorcycle Operators Handbook

Go4It Racing School (Colorado)

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Ricky Orlando Motorcycle School (Colorado - great school!)

Rider Training Enterprises (Colorado)

SMART Rider Training (Kansas)

Superbike School (Keith Code)

Universal Technical Institute

Western Colorado Motorcycle Safety Program

Western Nebraska Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Safety and the Law

Accident Prevention Slides (powerpoint)

Information on DUI

Motorcycle Tips and Techniques

State Motorcycle Laws In The USA Helmet Laws in the States

Colorado Motorcycle Shops

Apex Sports Inc (Colorado Springs)

Excel Motorsports (Denver Metro)

Fay Myers Motorcycle World (Denver Metro)

Greeley Harley Davidson (Greeley)

Hawg Wild Custom Choppers (Loveland)

High Country Harley Davidson (Frederick)

Indian Motorcycles of Colorado Springs

Interstate Honda (Ft. Collins)

Mile High Harley Davidson (Aurora)

Pikes Peak Harley Davidson (Colorado Springs)

Rocky Mountain HD - Denver

Sun Harley Davidson (Thorton)

Thunder Mountain HD (Ft. Collins)

Vickery Motorsports (Denver Metro)

Veterans Links:

Military Corruption

Biker Party Links:



Broken Spoke Saloon

Catholic Schoolgirl Run - How bad can a good girl be?

Cathouse Poker Run - Something different!

Colorado Biker Bars

Colorado Ladies Run

Daytona Bike Week

Freedom Rally (Iowa)

Four Corners Bike Rally

Full Throttle Saloon

Harley Rendezvous

Hollister Rally


Redwood Run

Republic Of Texas Rally

Sturgis Rally.net

  Sturgis Rally.org

  Buy Sturgis T-Shirts online

  Buffalo Chip

  Glencoe Campground

  Jackpine Gypsys

  Spearfish Harley Connection

Trail Of Tears Ride

Camping Information:

Campnet America - Very complete camping locator

Koa Campgrounds

Planning a trip on your scoot?  State maps are available for free by calling: 800-VISIT(2-letter state abbreviation) or 800-I-Love-(2-letter state abbreviation). They send you loads of goodies, including lodging, local attraction guides, etc. 

Motorcycle Manufacturers:

Boss hoss

Buell Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles

Ducati Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles

Kawasaki Motorcycles

Knucklehead Power USA

Panzer Motorcycle Works

Ridley Motorcycle Co


Suzuki Motorcycles

Titan Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles

Ultra Motorcycle Co

Victory Motorcycles

West Coast Choppers

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA


Choppers Inc

Choppers Unlimited

Cyco Choppers

Detroit Bros

Exile Cycles

Fabricator Kevin's Steel Chopper Parts

Flyrite Choppers

Gangster Choppers

Guilford Choppers

Indian Larry

Kennedy's Choppers

Kingpin Choppers

Little Chopper Shop

New York City Choppers

Voodoo Choppers

Xsspeed Choppers

Young Choppers

Motorcycle Classifieds:

Title & Registration Help:

Titles Unlimited

Importing a Bike Into The USA:

Vehicle Importation Regulations

Police Press Release

IRS Wants To Be Involved

Chrome Plating:

Brown's Plating

Web Sites Of Interest To Bikers:

- more links

Abel's Web - Colorado Biker's page

Another Links Page

Biker Life

Biker Rogue

Breakdown & Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists 

Devil Dolls MC - Women with an Attitude

Fourspeeds web site

HD Panhead and WL web site

Jack Daniels Whiskey - A fine biker beverage!

Old Rip Van Winkle Distilery

RealBeer - A website for us beer drinkers!

Motorcycle Shows

Pans Hogshop - Biker Art

Dave Mann Artwork

Panhead Information

The Rat's Nest - Pan info

Choppers Rule!!

Chopper Forums - Talk about choppers!

Big Sids (Vincents)

Harley Digest

Ice Cream Man From Hell

Lets Ride

Motorcycle Roadracing Association of Colorado

Online Motorcycle Museum

Outlaw Biker Page

Photo Radar Blocker - Here is a product that will keep the cops from being able to photo your plates at their unconstitutional photo speed traps:

Sonny Barger

Rat Bike Zone - Bikes for people who love to ride!

Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Site



Drag Racing:

All Harley Drag Racing Association


Bound By Design

Burnt Images


Emporium Of Design

Millennium Gallery of Living Art

Pikes Peak Tattoo

Snake's Tattoo

Steel City Tattoo - home of Rich Ives



That Scary Place

Music of Interest to Bikers:

R J Reid - Slamin Down The Blues!

Blinddog Smokin - More Smokin' Blues

Fryed Brothers Band - Real biker music by bikers!


Corrosion X - Prevents rust

EasyRizer Bike Lift

Handy Industries - great bike lifts

Jims USA

K&L Supply

Kroil - The best penetrating lube

Lincoln Electric Welders

Miller Welders

Motorcycle Books.com

Northridge Tool - metal working tools

Slik Stand





Are you serious about firearms? Check out our Firearms Links.

Is Your Freedom to own Firearms worth fighting for?  Damn right! Check our 2nd Amendment rights links.

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