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"Let he who hath no sword sell his cloak and buy one." --- Jesus, Luke 22:36.


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Rifle/Pistol Manufacturers:

Alexander Arms LLC

Auto-Ordnance Corporation

Axtell Rifle Co

Ballard Rifle & Cartridge LLC



Christensen Arms

Cimarron Firearms

Clark Custom Guns

Connecticut Valley Arms


Daisy Firearms (air/BB)

Dakota Arms

EMF Company


Freedom Arms

Geiges Rifles

Gibbs Rifle Co


Guncrafter Industries LLC

Heckler & Koch USA


Ithaca Gun

Kahr Arms

Kel-Tec Inc

Kimber Arms


L. A. R. Manufacturing Inc

Les Baer Custom Inc

Lone Star Rifle

Magnum Research

Marlin Firearms

McMillan Bros Rifle Co



Pedersoli & Co.

Remington Arms

Ruger Firearms

Savage Arms

C. Sharps Arms Co

Smith & Wesson

Springfield Armory

SSK Industries


Taurus International

Thompson Center Arms

Uberti USA


Walther USA


Wildey Guns

Wilson Combat

Winchester Arms


Accuracy International

Advanced Barrel Systems - carbon fiber barrels


Akron Armory

Aim Surplus

American Sportsman - archery, guns, & ammo

Aurora Tactical

Assault Technologies

Ballistic Products - shotgun accessories

Bell & Carlson - stocks

Bob's Gun Shop - (gun parts)

Bowers Tactical

Ed Brown


Bruno Shooters Supply

Bugs'N Bullets

C & S Metall-Werkes Ltd

Cape Outfitters

CDNN Investments

Centerfire Systems

Century Arms

CFI Arms


Choate Machine & Tool (stocks)

Classic Arms

Cobray Company

Copes Distributing (magazines)

Corner Shot

CQB Products (amp's dsr-1 rifle)

D&R Sports Center - hunting supplies

Dead Bang Guns

Digi-Twist - barrels

Du-Lite Corp (black oxide supplies)

E & L Manufacturing

FAC of America


Front Line Armory

Gary's Guns

Gatling Guns

Gatling Gun Co

Georgia Precision Shooters Supply

Global Tactical Supply

Gun Parts Corp. - almost any part made

H-S Precision Inc

Heritage Walnut - stocks

Impact Tactical Weapon Systems

Inter Ordnance - This is a must check!!

J&G Sales

Jarvis Inc.  -  barrels

J.L.D Enterprises

J. Lowe Clips And Magazines

Keisler's Wholesale

Keystone Arms

KNS Precision Inc

Krieger Barrels

KY Imports

Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels

Lippman Enterprises

Lothar Walther Precision Tool Inc - barrels

Magazine Specialties

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

Metal Spinning Targets

Mike's Basement

Montana Rifleman

Nesica Bay Precision Inc

No Ugly Guns - gun stocks

Northridge International Inc

Ohio Ordnance Works - Nice BARs!

Pearce Grip

Peconic Supply

PreBan Arms

R Guns

Ray's Gunshop - Colt SAA

Reese Surplus Inc


Robar Companies

S.A.A.R. Gunshop

Sarco Inc

Sherluk Marketing - US Military Parts


SOG International Inc

SSK Industries

Surplus International LLC

Tactical Operations

Tactical Precision Inc


Tennessee Guns - Really Nice AKs!

Teppo Jutsu

Timney Mfg. Inc. - precision triggers


Turner Slings

U.S. Ordinance

USA Magazines

Valkyrie Arms Ltd

Vector Arms - IMI Uzi


What A Country

Wheeler Engineering - tools

Wolf Gunsprings

Yankee Engineering - headspace gauges

Shooting Supplies for HandLoading:

Accurate Arms Powder

Alliant Powder

Arms and Ammo

Barnes Bullets

Beartooth Bullets

Berger Bullets

Berry's Mfg - cleaning supplies for reloading

Bersin - Ammunition measuring devices

Big Sky Surplus

Blue Star Inc

Bonus Bullets

Bose's Guns

Boyds Gunstock Industries

Brass Man Brass

Bruno Shooting Supply

Buffalo Arms

C & J Ammunition

Camarillo Shooters Supply

Cast Performance Bullet Co


Center Street Brass


Cheyenne Brass

Colorado Cast Bullet Co

Corbin Manufacturing

Custom Cast Bullets & Reloads

Dillon Precision

Forster Precision Products

GI Brass

Goex Black Powder

Graf & Sons


Hoch Custom Bullet Moulds

Hodgdon Powder


Huntington Die Specialties

IMR Powder

J&D Components - sabots

Jada Enterprise - bullets

Johnson Precision Bullets

Leadhead Bullets

Lee Precision Reloaders

Liberty Shooting Supplies

Lock Stock & Barrel

Lost River Ballistics


Magma Engineering Co

Magtech Ammunition

Meacham T&H Inc

Meister Bullets Inc

Midway USA

Mid Kansas Cast Bullet Co

Mid South Shooters Supply

Natchez Shooters Supplies

National Bullet Co



Northfork Bullets

Northwest Loading Supply


Old Western Scrounger

Once Fired Brass

Oregon Trail Bullet Co

Pat's Reloading

Powder Valley Inc

Precision Bullets

Precision Reloading Inc


RCBS Reloaders


Real Guns (Loading Data)

Redding Reloading Equipment

River Valley Ordinance

Scharch Manufacturing

Sierra Bullets

Sierra Supply

Sinclair Internaitional

Southern Belle Brass

SPG - Blackpowder

Starline Brass

Stoney Point Products

Swift Bullet Co

Top Brass

TnT Reloading

Turngray Assoc Inc


Watsons Weapons

Western Powder Inc


HandLoading Information:

Cast Bullet Association

Handloading For Hunting

National Reloading Manufactures Association

Reload Bench

Reloading Manuals

Ballistic Information:

Aero Ballistics

Ballistic Cards

Ballistician's Corner

Fabrique Scientific Inc - Ballistics info

How Do Bullets Fly?

NTInovations - ballistic info

JBM Small Arms Ballistics


AAA Ammunition - 50bmg match ammo

Aim Surplus

Alabama Ammo

American Ammunition - IMI

Ammo Depot

Ammo Dump

Ammo Guy

Ammo Man

Ammo Store Inc

Ammunition Store

Arizona Ammunition

A-Zoom Ammo


Big Sky Surplus

Black Hills Ammo

Buffalo Arms - hard to find calibers

Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Cascade Ammunition

Centurion Ordnance - Aguila

Cole Distributing Inc

Conley Precision Cartridge Co


Dan's Sporting Goods

Dixie Ammo Dump

Engel Ballistic Research Inc


Garrett Cartridges

Georgia Arms

Gulf Coast Ammunition


Hi-Vel Inc - Exotic Ammo

Nordic Ammunition Company


Outdoor Marksman (Miwall)

PMC Ammunition

ProLoad Ammunition

RBCD Performance Plus


Sellier & Bellot

Shooting Supplies Intl (Wolf Ammo)

Southern Ammunition Co Inc

Superior Ammunition

Talon Manufacturing

TCB Guns

Thunderbird Cartridge Co

TTI Armory

West Mountain Ammo

Western International

Wholesale Guns & Ammo

Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Shooting Products

Holster/Leather Goods/Body Armor:

Alessi Leather


Blocker Holsters

WM Brown Holster Co

Blade Tech Holsters

BulletProofMe Body Armor

Bulman Gunleather

Center of Mass Tactical - Kydex holsters

Concealco, AKJ

Davis Leather Co

DeSantis Holsters

El Paso Saddlery Co

Fobus Holsters

Frank's Saddlery and Gun Leather

D. Gallagher

Galco Gunleather

Gould & Goodrich

Gunslinger Corral - rifle holster

Holsters Plus

HPS - body armor

Hunter Industries

International Intelligence Limited - body armor

Kramer Leather

Michaels Of Oregon

Mitch Rosen Gunleather

Safariland Inc

San Pedro Saddlery

Second Chance - body armor

C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

Milt Sparks Holsters

Strong Holster Co


Cleaning/Maint/GUN CASES:

Ace Case Co




Beartrack Gun Cases


Brauer Bros Mfg Co

Brooks & Thomas Inc (Gun Cases)

The Case Place (Gun Cases)

Copper Melt

D & S Enterprises

Dewey Cleaning Rods

Firepower FP-10 CLP

Gibbs - penetrating oil

Homemade Firearm Cleaners & Lubricants - A must read page!!


Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers

Iosso Products

Kalispel Case Line

Kkair (Gun Cases)

Mil-Comm Products - TW25B





Raven Works

Shooters Choice

Shooters Solutions

SKB Cases

Starlight Cases

Wipe Out

Ziegal Eng

Curio & Relic Collecting:

.303 British

Allan's Armory

Aztec Guns

Cherry's Fine Guns

Cole Distributing Inc

Collector's Armory

Curio & Relic Collectors Center

C&R Collectors Corner

Curio & Relic Weapons Gallery

David's Collectibles

Scott Duff Historic Martial Arms

Ellison's Military Rifles

Empire Arms

Enfield Design Weapons

Enfield Rifle Research

FGS Inc - German Firearms

Great Southern Arms

Lew Horton

International Military Antiques

L. C. Enterprises


K98 Mauser Page

Military Gun Supply

Military Rifle Journal

Mitchell's Sales

North China Arms

Northridge International Inc

Omega Weapons Systems

Parallax's Curio & Relic Forums

Rick Reich Military Surplus

Rifle Sling Web Page

Samco Global Arms

Simpson Ltd

Slings & Things

Surplus Firearms - Mark Kubes

Surplus Rifles

Swedish Mausers

Swedish Rifle Disks

Treasure Hunt Arms

Trip Wire Military Antiques

Wholesale Guns & Ammo

Buy Guns/Parts:

Auction Arms

Best-Ads Classifieds

Colorado Gun Market - Buy firearms privately in Colorado thanks to RMGO

Expert Gun Appraisals

Guns Of America

Gun Broker

Gun Locater

Private Gun Sales

Shooter's Classified


Weaponeer's Group Buys

Extreme Accuracy Shooting:

Custom Concealment

Land of Snipers

Long Range Shooting Tutorial

Marine Scout Sniper

Nordic Sniper

Sniper Country

Sniper's Hide

Sniper's Paradise

Sniper Rifle

Tactical Concealment Mfg

Military Sites For Shooters:

Israeli Special Forces - Good info

Military Weapons

U.S. Air Force Shooting Team

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

U.S. Military Weapons (FAS)

U.S. Navy Shooting Team

Online Gun Discussion Forums:


A Well Regulated Militia forum

Assault Web Bulletin Board

Big Hammer

Bower's boards

FAL Files

Frugal's Survival Forum

Gun Boards

Guns Network

The High Road

HK Pro

Lee-Enfield Forum

Long Range Shooting Forum

Marlin Talk

Parallax's C&R Collector Forums

Park City Tactical Forums

Ruger Forum

Service - forum for service rifles

Sig Sauer Forum

Sniper's Hide Forum

Spent Brass

Tactical forum

Varmints Den

Weapons Board

Homeland Defense Information:

A Well Regulated Militia

Alaska State Defense Force

California State Military Reserve

Citizens Militia of Maryland

Colorado State Defense Force

Florida Guard

Indiana Militia

Maine Constitutional Militia

Maryland Defense Force

Michigan Milita

Militia of Georgia

Militia of Montana

New Jersey Militia

New Jersey Naval Militia Foundation

New York Guard

New York Naval Militia

North Carolina Citizens Militia

Ohio Military Reserve

Oregon State Defense Force

Pennsylvania State Military Reserve

South Carolina State Guard

Tennessee State Guard

Texas State Guard

Unorganized Militia of Vermont

US Militia

US Militia Directory

Virginia Citizens Milita

Virginia Defense Force


ADL - Militia Watchdogs - Extremists

Shooting Associations:

American Single Shot Rifle Association

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

Internation Defensive Pistol Association



National Association of Shooting Ranges

National Shooting Sports Foundation


US Practical Shooting Association

Varmint Hunters Association


Birdman  -  Gun Humor At Its Best!

Balistic Fashions (bullet Jewelery)

Bayonet Identification Page

Buddy Hinton's Firearm Photos

Camp Perry Military Reservation

Cartridge Collecting

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Culver's Shooting Page

Energetic Information - Make your own explosive targets

Firefox Enterprises

Gun Fun

Guns and Girls

GunWriters On The Web - misc good info

Headstamp Identification

Herb's Fantasy Gun Shop

How Stuff Works - fun site for the curious

Is The Shooter Ready?

Lessons learned from the Iraq conflict - really good info!!

Modern Firearms and Ammunition Website - lots of info


Remington 700 Rifle Club - good info

Rifle Stocks Refinishing & Building

Society of American Bayonet Collectors

Soviet Army

Springfield Armory

The Shooting Show


Tannerite Exploding Targets - explosives for fun

World War I, The War To End All Wars


American Spirit Arms Corp

AR15 Ammo Faq

Arizona ExpertArms




Colorado AR-15 Shooters Site


Defense Procurement Mfg Services

DoubleStar Corp

Eagle Arms

FN Manufacturing

Fulton Armory


Insight Shooting Systems

J&T Distributing

Jard Inc

JP Enterprises

Knights Armament Co

L&G Weaponry

Lauer Custom Weaponry

M&A Parts Inc

M2 Corporation

Maglula ltd - load/unload ar-15 mags

Model "1" Sales

Olympic Arms

Professional Ordnance Inc

Robinson Armament Co

Rock River Arms

RPB Industries - 37mm Flare Launcher

Socom Manufacturing

Southeast Military Parts

Yankee Hill Machine Inc

Z-M Weapons


Amherst Depot

Arrington Accuracy Works

Chestnut Ridge


MacTec Enterprises

Miltech Arms

National Match Armory

Orion7 Ent

Red CLoud LLC

Riverbank Armory

Smith Enterprise Inc - gunsmithing

Southeast Military Parts

SparrowHawk Stocks - M14

Springfield Armory

Tank's Rifle Shop

US Service Rifle

William Ricca

FAL Rifles - The Right Arm Of The Free World!:

Arizona ExpertArms

Arizona Response Systems

Century Gun Works

Dan's Sporting Goods

D.C. Industries - Coonan receivers

Derby City FN FAL Owners Association



Enterprise Arms

Gun Leather Inc - USA made floor plates

Independence Arms

Investment Grade Firearms

Ironwood Designs

Israel Arms Inc - All Imbel M-444 FAL

M&M Gunsmithing

Mad Dog's Gun Stocks - Nice camo stocks

Penquin Small Arms Works

Rapid Fire

RPB Industries


TnT Armoury

Volunteer Ordnance Works


HK Firearms:


Arizona Precision Arms LLC

Arizona Response Systems

FAC of America

G3 info

Heckler & Koch USA

Heckler & Koch Parts

Hi-Vel Inc HK Parts

HK Pro

H&K Weapons Manuals 

House of the 51

Independence Arms

International Surplus Parts

Investment Grade Firearms

J.L.D Enterprises - PTR-91

Michael's Machines

Omega Weapons Systems

Piece of History Firearms

Pakistan Ordinance Factories USA

Rapid Fire

RTG Parts of Arizona

Special Weapons Inc

STG Supply

Surplus International LLC

Tac Latch

Top Notch Accessories


WaffenJaeger Import/Export

Williams Trigger Specialties

50BMG Sporting Rifles

Fifty Caliber Institute

Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association

Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooters Association

Advanced Long-Range Systems - ar15 to 50bmg


50 BMG

50 BMG Info Pages

Action Gun Works

Anzio Ironworks

Arizona Ammunition


Barrett Firearms

Big Hammer

Bluegrass Armory

Cobb Manufacturing Inc

Christensen Arms

Date Palm Enterprises

EDM Arms

Evolution USA


FN Manufacturing - Hecate 2

Hjorth AB Ltd

HyperDelivery Systems

K & P Gun Company

Knights Armament Co

L.A.R. Manufacturing

Liberty Arms

M2 Precision

Mag 50 (50 BMG barrel on your AR-15)

McMillan Bros Rifle Co

Kent Lomont

Nordic Ammunition Co

Precision Ballistics

Ramo Defense Systems


Redick Arms Development

RMC Manufacturing

Robar Companies

Saxonia Spezialtechnik

Serbu Firearms Inc


SSK Industries

State Arms Gun Co


Truvelo Manufacturers Ltd

TTI Armory

Ultimate Accuracy Arms

VM Hy-Tech

Watson's Weapons

408 Cheyenne Tactical Rifles

Cheyenne Tactical




Ace Arms - 80% receivers


AK-47 Supersite



Arsenal Inc

FAC of America

Firing Line

Global Trades Co

Gordon Technologies

Independence Arms

In Range

Izhmash Armament Factory, Russia

K-Var Corp

Kalashnikov Info

Kalashnikov USA

Krebs Custom Inc - custom Kalashnikovs

Krinkov, Home of the

Marshall Arms - gunsmith Kalashnikov Info

Omega Weapons Systems

Politically Incorrect Legal Shooting Supplies

Rapid Fire

Red Star Arms

Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles

RPB Industries

SOG International Inc - Izhmash AK-47s

SoupBowl Enterprises

Tantal's Collectors Source


KATN Firearms Library

Politically Incorrect Legal Shooting Supplies



SKS Chronicles


1911 Pistols:

Charles Daly

Colt Autos

D.C. Industries

Kimber Of America  --  The Best 1911

Les Baer Custom Inc

R Guns - selling Kimber

Springfield Armory

STI International

Tibbets Classic Customs

Valtro USA

Wilson Combat

Mosin Nagant (7.62x54R):

Aztec Guns

Dan Z Johnston's MN page

Finnish Junkyard - Mosin Parts


Mosin Nagants of the World

My Gunsite

Russian Mosin Nagant Page and Forum

Surplus Firearms

Tennessee Gun Parts

British Enfield:


Enfield Rifle Research

Foresight Tools

Lee-Enfield Forum

Air Guns

1 Stop BB Gun


I Air Guns

Firearm Coatings/Camo Paint:

Arizona Response Systems


Investment Grade Firearms

Lauer Custom Weaponry

Mac's Shootin Iron Restorations - Tuff-gun

Robar Companies

Top-Gun Enterprises


K98 Mauser Page

Mauser Shooting Association

Mitchell's Sales

Samco Global Arms

Tennessee Gun Parts



ARMs Mounts

Armstar Corp

Ashley Outdoors

B-Square - mounts

Badger Ordnance

Ballentines Scopes

Bear Basin Outfitters

Brugger Thomet

BSA Optics

Burris Optics - Colorado company



D & B Supply

Deutsche Optik


Gary's Gun Shop



Horrus Vision

Hunter Co - Colorado company


Iron Elite - (scope mounts)

Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kvant Rifle Scopes

Leatherwood Optics


Meopta - Spotting Scopes

MilDot Master - analog mildot calculator

Millett Sights


Mounting Solutions Plus



Novosibirsk Instrument

The Optic Zone

Optispy Optics

P. A. Distributing - Yugo scopes

PPA Mfg. - scope leveler

Premier Reticles Ltd

S&K Scope Mounts

Schmidt & Bender


Scope Masters

Scope Us Out

Shepherd Enterprises Inc

Steiner - binoculars



Swift Optics


Tenebraex Corp - scope filters


US Armament

U.S. Optics

Night Vision/Ranging Equipment:

American Technologies Networks

Deutsche Optik

Excalibur Night Vision

International Technology Lasers

IT Limited

ITT Industries The Best!

Morro Vision

Newcon Optik

Night Optics USA Inc

Night Vision Forum/Information

Nightline Inc

North American Integrated Technologies

Osprey International

Red Soldier

Rigel Optics

S.T.A.N.O Components

US Army Night Vision Info - good read

US Night Vision

Visual Technologies


Advanced Armament Corp

AWC Systems Technology

Brugger Thomet



Reflex Suppressors

Soundtech Silencers

SRT Arms


Machine Guns/SBS/SBR: (most sell other guns as well)

Acme/Spotted Dog Firearms LLC

Allegheny Arsenal

Big Jim's Machine Gun Sanctuary

C & C Sport Center

Class Three Supply

D&D Guns

Elite Firearms

Elite Iron  Lots of info about autos

Heavy Metal Armory

Impact Guns

In Range

Kent Lomont

Knesek Guns

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Lakeside Guns

Long Mountain Outfitters

LRM Firearms

Machine gun videos

Ohio Ordnance Works Inc

Only The Best Firearms

Paladin Armory

Philadelphia Ordnance Inc

Precision Weapons Corp

Prestige Arms

Serbu Firearms Inc

Socom Mfg

Sooner Weapons



Sunset Weapons Systems

Tactical Solutions

Vector Arms

Western Firearms Co


Accurate Press

American Gunsmithing Institute

Collector Grade Publications

Combat Press

Discount Gun Books

FTF Industries

Gun Book Sales

Gun Show Books

Javelin Press

Krause Publications

LoadBooks USA Inc

Machine Gun Books

Metro Books

Military Info - Out-of-print military manuals

Paladin Press

Right Hook

Scholar's Bookshelf

Shotgun News

Small Arms Review (mag)

Soldier Of Fortune

Online Firearm Manuals:

Electronic Military Manuals

Manual Depot

Firearms Manuals On-Line

FTP Manuals/Info

General Reimer Training & Doctrine Library

Global Security Online Manuals

Military Manuals Resource

Military Manuals ( search)

USMC Doctrine

Militaria/Military Clothing/GI Surplus/Tactical Gear:

American Surplus Co


Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet

Army/Navy Superstore

ASPI Tactical


BlackHawk Industires

BFR Boots

Botach Tactical

CQB Solutions

Custom Tactical

Eagle Industries

FMCO - must see load bearing vests for all types of weapons

Full Metal Jacket

GI Jungle

Howard Leight - hearing protection


Ironwolf Enterprises

Israeli Military Products

Kiraru - Golden CO company

Micronel Safety - military gas masks

Norsk Forsvars Materiell - Cold weather gear

Practical Tactical

Recon Supply

Red Soldier

Russian Combat Gear

Sable Co

Silver Creek Industries

Specail Operations Equipment

Spec-Ops Brand

Spy Gear 4 U

Strand Surplus

Stubby Gear

Surefire Lights

Tactical Tailor

Texas Tactical Gear

Trident Military

UCD Industries

US Elite Gear

US Tactical Supply

Wilderness Tactical Products

Zahal - IDF gear

Gunsmithing Supplies:

Clymer Tools

JGS Precision Tool Mfg LLC

Midway USA

Precise Inovations - taps

Firearms Training:

Front Sight - one of the best


Lethal Force Institute

Personal Safety Associates

The Trainers Directory

Firearms Info Web Pages:

Ammo Faq

BATF forms

Benchrest Shooting

Big Bore Rifle Resources

Pre/Post Ban Serial Number Registry

RK Enterprises - Gun Dealer Licensing Info/Supplies

Security Arms - Pictures of guns

Long Term Firearm Storage:

Poly Gun Bags

Colorado Gun Dealers/GunSmiths:

Cal's Sporting Armory (Englewood)

Dave's Guns (Aurora)

Grizzly Outdoors (Woodland Park)

Gunslingers Emporium (Thorton)

Lee Hadaway - Trinidad Gunsmith

Hamblen Sales (Fort Collins)

Lexington Arms (Longmont)

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply (Fort Collins)

Ward's Shootin' Shop (Denver)

Yankee Trader (Frisco)

Colorado Shooting Ranges:

Aurora Gun Club (Aurora)

Bear's Ears Sportsman Club (Craig)

Ben Lomond Gun Club (Colorado Springs)

Boulder Rifle Club (Boulder)

Buffalo Creek Gun Club (Bailey)

Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club (Cheyenne WY)

Colorado Clays (Brighton)

Colorado Rifle Club (Byers)

Golden Gun Club (Golden)

High Plains Marksmen (Littleton)

Kiowa Creek Sporting Club (Bennett)

Montrose Rod & Gun Club (Montrose)

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club (Ft Collins)

Pawnee Sportsman's Club (Windsor)

Quail Run Sports (Kiowa)

San Juan Shooting Range (Montrose)

Weld County Fish & Wildlife (Ault)

Wolf Creek Sporting Clays (Kiowa)

Colorado Gun Schools:

Colorado School of Trades

Trinidad Junior College


Colorado Division of Wildlife

Colorado State Shooting Association

Hunting Info

Nebraska Game and Parks

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Wyoming Game and Fish Dept

Competitive Shooting Supplies:

300 Below Inc

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Champion Shooters Supply

Creedmore Sports

Custom Leather Wear

Cryo Plus

Cryo Pro

Cryocon Inc - one of the best

Deep Freeze Cryogenics LLC

Ewing Scope Stands

Georgia Precision Arms


Giraud Tool Company - Scope stands

GP Maes - Shooting coats

Robert W. Hart & Son Inc

Lahti Co

National Target Co

Nielsen-Kellerman  -  Kestrel pocket weather meters

Oehler (Chronys)

OK Weber

Past Recoil Protection

Ransom International

Shooter Ready - long range shooting

SpeedTech Instruments wind/weather

Stiller's Precision Firearms

Turner Slings


Weather Affects

John Weller Co - slings

White Oak Precision

Xtreme Accuracy


Network Solutions

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