Saving our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms should be one of everyone's top priorities!! Join these groups and fight!

One of the premier organizations in America fighting for your rights is  Gun Owners Of America.  If you don't belong get your checkbook out and join now!  These guys WILL be the ones to stop bad laws nationwide and will keep you informed of pending legislation that will take your rights away in your state.

The Jews SHOULD know better than accepting disarmament and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is working hard to keep us all from losing our guns.  Join with them to stop government tyranny today!

If you are a woman and you care about self-defense, contact the Second Amendment Sisters.  

Colorado Springs, CO residents have their own group fighting for gun rights - Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

Firearms & Liberty

Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States

Concealed carry laws were racist laws to keep certain races and nationalities from carrying firearms.  We need a national concealed carry law!


Information about the NRA for gun owners who mistakenly believe the NRA is fighting for your rights!

The BEST site on the internet for people who believe in the 2nd Amendment and freedom!

FirearmNews.Com is bringing the news of our fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Fifty Caliber Institute

Ted Nugent's web site for people with some common sense about hunting and owning firearms!!

RKBA web site.

BATF web site.

Liz Michaels tells it like it is. Great web site for freedom minded individuals.  A site to hate for government employees.

SaveOurGuns - Another web site promoting our firearm rights!  Check out their posters.

Directed Fire - Zeroing in on the enemies of America.  (That would be government employees wouldn't it?)

For the ladies - Armed Females of America is out to protect women's right to self-protection

Another site for the ladies - Women To Arms, supports the 2nd Amendment.  They have a companion site for men called The Good, The Bad, The Gun.

A Humman Right - great site!

Read about the many people using firearms to defend and protect their lives, homes, business, and families

Citizens Of America, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit, publicly-funded public benefit organization that is running a national pro-self-defense, pro-Second Amendment advertising campaign on radio, print, and television.  COA believes there should be absolutely no compromise on the original intent of the Second Amendment.

2nd Amendment Committee - Lot's of good information


To fight tyranny, you need balls.  These guys have what it takes to stop the gun grabbers in their tracks.  They need help and if "in your face" confrontation is not your style, you can still help out. Join the Tyranny Response Team today!

This is THE gun rights group in Colorado.  Don't wait for the NRA to get a clue.  Join Rocky Mountain Gun Owners today!!

See what is happening on the legal front to save our rights at the Second Amendment Foundation.

The Firearms Coalition will give you news of what is happening across the nation relating to our 2nd Amendment rights.

If you have not read Unintended Consequences, you have missed the book of the century.  Henry Bowman will set you straight on life's priorities.

A speech by John Ross on the current state of gun rights.

Another really good book on the conflict between the world views about firearms ownership by former Navy Seal, Matt Bracken.

A new book from Jpfo that presents the opposite side of what might happen from "Unintended Consequences".  We can only hope that this is our future! - Here is a site for the "real man" who is afraid a gun might jump up and kill someone. God help us when men are afraid of a piece of steel!

Know thy enemy!  The coalition to stop gun violence, Brady Campaign, Americans For Gun Safety, Legal Action Project, Center for the Prevention of Handgun Violence, Ban Handguns Now, & Violence Policy Center. We need to stop these commies!  Here is one from our own state of Colorado - Coloradoceasefire.  These people would be a joke if they weren't so serious about destroying the American way of life and turning this country into a Soviet style of government.

Seniors United Supporting The Second Amendment - If you are over 50, this might be for you.

Guns Unified Nationally Endorsing Dignity

Read about The Embarrassing Second Amendment!  Anti-freedom zealots wish it wasn't there!

One of many accounts of the BATF thugs attacking US citizens!  If they will kill women and children (Waco & Ruby Ridge), what will they do to the rest of us?

The un-American united nations is trying to end our right to own arms!  Here is there web page - iansa, the international action network on small arms. Read what our enemy is up to.

Order this poster from JPFO and let the "UN" know what you think of them!

Enjoy this site with flash movies about gun control!

Javelin Press

All gun laws are unconstitutional period! However, if you want to know what they are, check the GunLaws site.

James Bardwell's site for NFA and other gun law cases.  Also, ATF letters and legal cases.

Research the federal or state gun laws at the Firearms Law Center.

State Constitutions on RKBA web site.

Read the facts about guns!

Do you believe in the truth? Check out GunTruths.

Quotes relating to the 2nd Amendment and Case Law relating to the 2nd Amendment

What the Supreme court has said about the 2nd Amendment (like it isn't perfectly clear)

Marathon USA (long distance calling) donates 15% of its profits to the pro-gun effort.

American Liberty Foundation are running ads using the liberal medias scared cow - TV!


"When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free"

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."
   John Fitzgerald Kennedy



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